Welfare Benefits and Welfare Rights Useful Contacts

General Benefits Information

Want to know when you will get a reply back from HMRC for Income Tax, Tax Credits and Self Assessment queries? Click on the HMRC logo for their calculator.


Want to know how long it takes to process a benefit claim? Turn2us have a great page giving useful guidelines on the types of timescales you can expect. Click on their logo for more information. They also have a really useful Grants Search tool to help you find grants based on your circumstance and local area.


Univerrsal Credit


Universal credit is rolling out across the UK, replacing tax credits and other benefits for working-age claimants. However, whilst universal credit is currently available in all Jobcentre Plus areas in Great Britain (and is due to be introduced in Northern Ireland in 2017), whether you can claim in your postcode area depends on your circumstances.

Enter your postcode here to find out which people can claim universal credit in your area (and the status of tax credits and other benefit claims); for information which will help you understand more about how universal credit works; and for details of independent advice organisations in your area who can help you get the help that you need.

Working Tax and Child Tax Credit


Advice Now has created this useful survival guide for dealing with a TAX CREDIT OVERPAYMENT, a copy of which can be found here to download.


Job Seekers/ JSA

Job Seeker Sanction Advice- This website is independently owned and operated by three female, ex DWP civil servants who launched it in order to offer a ‘self help‘ facility to members of society who are unemployed and believe they have been subject to an unfair or illegal Jobseeker Sanction or Disallowance and who need free, relevant, up to date written advice, as well as effective ‘fill in the blank’ templates in order to allow them to challenge the financial restriction placed upon them. Click here for their website


Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and ESA

The website www.pipinfo.net has some great guides relating to the benefit PIP 

Maternity Benefits

Surestart Maternity Grant - You could get a one-off payment of £500 to help towards the costs of having a child. This is known as a Sure Start Maternity Grant.

You usually qualify for the grant if both of the following apply:

You’re expecting your first child - or you’re expecting a multiple birth (eg twins) and have children already
You or your partner already get certain benefits
You must claim the grant within 11 weeks of the baby’s due date or within 3 months after the baby’s birth.
You don’t have to pay the grant back and it won’t affect your other benefits or tax credits.
Click here for the claim form or call them on 0345 603 696

Winter Fuel Payments

You could get between £100 and £300 tax-free to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5 May 1953. This is known as a ‘Winter Fuel Payment’. Most payments are made automatically between November and December. You should get your money by Christmas.

You can apply here or if you want to find out more about the scheme visit their site here.