Events & Activities

Our programme of events and activities primarily takes place around our hub venue of the Burley Lodge Centre. We aim to make Hyde Park and Burley an even more vibrant place to live by providing a series of activities and events in the area.

So far we've had a Family events, a Summer Fun Day, a cooking club, a sewing group, Arts and crafts sessions with local elders, Zumba classes for women and lots more. What would you like to do?

Perhaps you're not sure what you want to do, but just want to help to run an activity or event? Let us know if you do, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Contact us on 0113 275 4142 for a chat about your ideas.

Tomorrow August 9th 1pm - 4pm, Better Leeds Communities will be celebrating the multicultural community of Burley with storytelling for all ages! All are welcome :)

Bramley Food Bank -Every Wednesday 1pm -3pm The Horizons team are offering a free drop-in session at the Bramley Food Bank every Wednesday between 1pm - 3pm.


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