My Place

Funded by The Lloyds Bank Foundation


We are pleased to announce that we were been awarded a 3 year Grant by The Lloyds Bank Foundation for our project My Place - the project was launched in autumn 2018.


My Place works with people experiencing multiple disadvantage at a critical point in their life. We know that there is a rise in the number of people living in the private rented sector struggling to pay high rent costs due to low incomes, reducing housing benefit, Universal Credit introduction and the benefits cap which are causing many vulnerable people to become homeless, on the verge of homelessness or vulnerably housed; similar patterns are also appearing for those living in social housing.


The overall aim of the project is to transition people from a position of no accommodation or being vulnerably housed to managing a tenancy/accommodation; our project also addresses a range of other transition and progression outcomes that are linked to participants being able to manage a tenancy/accommodation.


The project is located in a an accessible Leeds location; where people have difficulty in attending, due to health or disability, then arrangements can be made for them to be seen in a ‘One Stop Centre’ or their own home.


Project delivery is one-to-one, face to face advice and support sessions; the staff member will attend appointments with the participant and where appropriate undertake interventions on their behalf; and will deliver periodic group sessions and short courses.


My Place supports people to feel safer, build resilience, be independent and able to make positive choices; be more able to manage mental health issues; have improved self-esteem/confidence, physical and mental health, and budgeting/money management skills; have reduced isolation and stress/anxiety; and increased support networks.   


If the personal you support or you feel that we can help you please contact us.