Horizons launched on 1st July 2016 and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund until June 2021. The aim of the project is to support clients who are facing severe financial hardship to improve their circumstances and equip them with knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goals so they are less likely to fall into crisis in the future. The project also focuses on social inclusion to reduce isolation.

Horizons uses a holistic approach to support clients, involving them in every aspect of their support, and we ensure the client is at the centre of their decision making. This involves putting together an action plan with the client, and reviewing every few weeks.

Horizons supports a range of clients in severe financial hardship to help with their immediate needs, including gas, electric and food. Along with meeting a clients’ immediate needs, we support them to boost their income, including support to navigate the benefits system, and applying for grants. We can attend benefit assessments and appeals with clients who we have supported through crisis, and we can link clients with services relevant to their needs.

Due to increasing high demand across the city we’ve had to be more stringent with the referral routes and it has been scaled down to 6 agencies.

These are:

Leeds CAB

Duty Solicitors (Minton Morrill, Henry Hyams, Zermansky)

Trussell Trust Food Banks

Social Prescribing Teams (Patient Empowerment Project, Connect Well or Connect4Health)

Local Welfare Support Scheme

Internally from other BLC projects


We are unable to accept self-referrals.

If someone is in need of food, we would always signpost to their local One Stop Centre or Community hub where they can obtain a food bank voucher, this will enable them to access a food bank.