Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision is that people are healthy, happy, safe, prosperous and successful. Our Vision is that Communities work together to make life rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.


Our mission is to create opportunities that enable people in Leeds to achieve their potential by raising aspirations, removing barriers and developing abilities that lead to a better life and stronger communities.

To achieve this we will;

  • Support families and individuals to be healthy, active, engaged and able to build positive relationships with their neighbours and communities.
  • Provide an advice service that assists people out of poverty and enables them to become more self-reliant.
  • Create fun activities and new experiences that enable children and young people to enjoy being young and to deal positively with the challenges of growing up.

Provide inspiring volunteering opportunities for people to meet others, develop new skills and get involved in community life.


Better Leeds Communities board of directors, staff and volunteers work to this set of values and they positively influence the culture of our organisation:


We are ambitious for Leeds, we are committed to delivering high quality, continuous improvement and value for money.


Partnership is at the centre of all we do, we work positively with others to achieve more for the people who use our services. 


We value diversity, we promote equality. Our services are open, accessible and our opportunities are available to all. We are always welcoming, encouraging and respectful.


We are innovative, forward looking and creative. We are enterprising, relevant and progressive in pursuit of our vision.